Link Technology, Promote Art

ArtBankChain is an intelligent, open and credible ecological chain of art industry, aiming to promote the healthy and orderly development of the global art market with the help of technology, and to enable the art to be inherited orderly, and easily distinguished between the true and fake, in a mobile and convenient manner. ArtBankChain is an innovative application of block chaining technology in the art industry. Combined with AI and big data analysis, we build a green block chain application platform, which integrates intelligent data analysis, artwork investment, decentralized transaction, mortgage loan and other business functions.

Current Situation of Art Industry

The total turnover of the global art market in 2016 was $45 billion, which was on the rise compared with that in 2015. The total turnover of Asian art was $10.7 billion, and the total volume of the auction was $7 billion, of which 90% came from the Chinese market.

China ranked first at a market share of 38%, regaining the dominant position in the global art market. However, there are also many problems behind the rapid development of the art market.

The turnover of the art market has been growing steadily since 2000. In the case of Sotheby's and Christie's, the annual compound growth rate was 14.4% from 2000 to 2016.

Low Liquidity

Industrial Shackles and Limited Flow

Judge Authenticity

Unique Crux and Difficulty to Judge Authenticity

Debatable Origin

Difficulty to track record and origin
ArtBankChain Ecosystem

Provide records on art information circulation, true and false analysis report, price interval guidance report, and credit reports of artists, collectors, and agencies

ArtBankChain will gradually complete the digital identity authentication and digital capitalization of the participants in the art ecology. Intelligent analysis, art investment, transaction, and mortgage and other services constitute the ecosystem of ArtBankChain. Different applications serve the whole industry in different ways, and also come from the art industry, so that art can really enter the life, thus promoting the healthy development of the whole ecosystem.

Route of Development

April 2017

Preparation of ArtBankChain

August 2017

Establishment of ArtBankChain

November 2017

Completion of data mining

September 2018

Completion of intelligent analysis platform

August 2018

Completion of node deployment
on the main chain

May 2018

Completion of the first
appreciative storehouse

October 2018

Completion of
art investment platform

March 2019

Completion of art mall

June 2019

Site selection and construction
of the second art gallery

August 2019

Completion of
art lending platform

Founding Team
Consulting Team
Xi Mu

He is Vice President, professor and doctoral supervisor of China’s Academy for Art Industries (Shanghai University), the chief scientist of China Cultural Industry Think Tank Research Center (SCG), the cultural financial advisor of Baoshang Bank, the tutor of the National Postdoctoral Research Workstation of Baoshang Bank, the chief researcher of Weifang Bank Art and Finance Center, the review expert of China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center, a member of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association and a member of China Literature and Art Critics Association. He won the first China Literature and Art Critics Award (Work Award), the China’s First Person of the Year of Collections by Xinhua. Net, the first prize of “Excellent Papers of Cultural Market in 30 Years” by the Ministry of Culture and Ten Persons of the Year in 2013 by China Art Weekly.

Wang Fenghai

One of the draftsmen of Law of the People's Republic of China on Auction, designer of China Auctioneer Qualification System, former press spokesman of for the Chinese auction industry. Vice-President of China Painting And Calligraphy Association, member and guest advisor of Committee of Review on Senior Talents of Fine Arts and Calligraphy of Ministry of Culture, reviewer of Art Talent Pool of Art Talent Center of Ministry of Culture, expert of Beijing Zhong Yi Yuan Appraisal Center of China Cultural Media Group
Honorary Director of Auction Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics, part-time professor of Lawyer College of Renmin University of China, visiting professor of Huaxia Business College of Peking University, president of Yiji Auction Institute, honorary president of Hong Li Public Charity Institute, consultant of China Jewelry Culture Institute, consultant of Painting and Calligraphy Institute of CCTV Gratitude to China and researcher of Painting and Calligraphy Art Institute of  Open University of China (former Central Radio and Television University).

Jiang Zaiming

An independent curator, the former Garde(Hongkong)Executive Vice President, the senior expert in the Chinese art Market, the visiting Professor in School of Art of Sichuan University, the member of the Art Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture. He has been engaged in the research and planning for Chinese traditional art and contemporary art for a long time, and the research and appraisal for Chinese traditional paintings and calligraphy.


He is an internationally known scholar in Tibet and Himalaya, Executive Director of Himalayan Art Resources, and the former curator of Rubin Museum of Art. He was ordained as a monk, with extremely high cognition of Himalaya art and Thangka, as one of the world's most authoritative expert of the Buddha.

Zhang Zhenglin

With a doctor’s degree, he is Distinguished Professor of School of Art Management and Education, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and a curator. He is the former head of the Taiwan Art Bank and a researcher in the Taiwan Art Museum. He studied in Taiwan, Britain, Holland, and served as researcher of Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong, special personnel of Dimension Endowment Of Art, and professional of exhibition education team of Lanyang Museum, research assistant and associate research fellow of the exhibition team of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, assistant professor of Department of Fine Arts in Tunghai University, postdoctoral research fellow of Institute of Cultural Research, University Leiden, Holland. He served as member of CIABI Global Committee on Art Assessment and planned or executed Taiwan Art Biennale, Venice Architecture Biennale - Taiwan Pavilion and other important exhibitions at home and abroad, and presided over the planning and implementation of works such as art collection, art circulation, art promotion, art history research, publishing, art intervention, copyright authorization and cultural and creative design, connection of cultural and creative brands, overall maintenance and operation of art institutions, and transnational cooperation. He has rich experience in art management practice, and he often serves as an expert member of academic committees or industrial teams in the fields of art management, art, cultural industry and other fields.

Sun Xingchen

As the founder of Xijian Art FinTech and one of collectors in new generation, he pioneered the third party guarantee of art. He has been devoted to the exploration of the art finance and the art fund, and is good at discovering and mining market demand, analyzing and grasping customer resources. In particular, he has an in-depth study and unique insight into the theory and practice of Internet finance. He expanded the art private fund, and the Antique City Merchant Alliance, to help build the art finance ecological circle. Since 2013, he has devoted himself to the development and construction of the art circulation platform, and focused on the technological financial services in the vertical field of culture and art.

Liu Kaiqiao

The co-founder of the Phoenix Art, founded the most influential Chinese art media in the world. He has had a strategic partnership with the world's top museums, such as Palace Museum, National Museum, British Museum and Louvre Museum. He also worked with the Picasso family, the Van Gogh family and the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation for a long time to complete a number of art curatorships, art transactions and other projects. She ever held post of a financial reporter, host and editor of Phoenix Satellite TV and New Media. She was an early member of the Beijing Daily newspaper Group and served with the Kennedy family to help her "Special Olympics."(Special Olympics Games) successfully held in China. She held a double bachelor's degree in Japanese literature and economics of Peking University, a visiting scholar of the "EdwardMurrow" Program of the State Department of the United States of America and a scholar of the Kyoto University of Japan, who has been awarded the "Honorary Citizen" of Pensacola in the United States.

Shao Chunyang

Graduating from Department of law of East China University of Political Science and Law as Bachelor of Law and Juris Master, Lawyer Shao has had learning and working experience at home and abroad for many years, and he worked in Simmons & Simmons in Britain and Sidley Austin LLP in the USA. Since April 2002, Shao Chunyang served as a partner in Shanghai branch of JunHe LLP, and represented a number of multinational companies and investment funds in China to serve their direct investment, mergers and acquisitions. He also acted as a PRC Legal Counsel of issuers or underwriters, and he participated in the projects of share issuing and overseas listing of several large domestic business groups and high-growth enterprises.

  • Lu Fengchuan

    One of the heads of Xiling Yinshe Auction, Head of Yes Auction.

  • Zheng Shu

    She worked for Sotheby’s, London, and graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a master’s degree of arts in the University of Bristol, UK. She is the chief editor of Yi Shu Notes, and an art columnist.

  • Patrick Saich

    Christie's in London.

  • Ye Xingqian

    As a French Chinese, he was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang in 1963, and is a visiting professor of Central University of Finance and Economics and an artist. He is the president of Association Francaise d ' Art Contemporain, Secretary-General of European Overseas Chinese, and vice president of European Dragons Poetry in France. In 2011, he served as member of the master thesis defense committee of School of Politics in University of Lyon. His achievements are included in Famous Artists and Works of Fine Arts and Calligraphy, Art Rules and Creation, Encyclopedia of Chinese and Overseas Chinese, Chinese Art Masters, Outstanding Chinese Artists, Chinese Patriotic Monument, Trace of Chinese in France and Trace of Chinese in France for 300 Years. In 2017, his painting album was compiled in the database of Paris Museum.

  • Tang Zheming

    In 2000, he graduated from the Department of Chinese painting of Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai University and received his master's degree. In 2005, he graduated from the Art History Department of The China Academy of Art and received his doctor’s degree. He served as deputy editor in chief and depute copy editor of Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Press. Now he is a master's tutor in Department of Chinese Painting of Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University. He is a member of China Artists Association, member of Shanghai Branch of China Artists Association and member of Theory Committee of Shanghai Artists Association. He is committed to the creation of landscape painting and painting history of Chinese, particularly keen on the stately, majestic and all-embracing landscape painting in the Northern Song Dynasty. He is the author of Diversified Enlightenment, Jiangnan of Chinese painting and other monographs, and the deputy editor for large series of History of Chinese Landscape Painting and History of Chinese Flower and Bird Painting.

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